Hi, I want to post my interview notes with Columbia, Yale and NYU graduate admission office, but please be noted that tips below are just personal advice, not official, and I post them just in case some applicants may find useful.

1. Requirement: work experience (suggest to study LLM after working 2-3 years)
2. Personal Statement:
(1) No magic formula: admission process is personal
(2) Be relavant: introduce your experience; explain why you want to apply LLM, especially, this law school’s LLM, and explain how this LLM will relate to your career plan.
(3) Just a kind remind: I guess Columbia prefer traditiaonal personal statement, while NYU prefer students with their characteristics, so acutally you can talk about whatever you want in your PS for NYU, it's better to be more formal in your PS for Columbia.
3. Recommendation Letter: everything should be about you.

1. Very academic, LLM is for students who interested in education
2. Research Plan: your past research experience and your research agenda
3. Explain in your Recommendation letter if the journal is not well-know, let your professor explain why it’s important
4. Choose the topic that you can learn sth from US or Yale, don’t be too narrow
5. Why Yale: don't be too focused on a certain faculty, since people come and go.

1. PS: you can be more creative; considering PS has word limit, you can add an addendum.
2. The academic essay of Hauser Scholarship is considersed together during the application process.