I graduated from University of London with a 2:2 degree. I pursued my LLB while pursuing another Business degree for which also I got a 2:2. Looking back and if I'm to do all over again I might just do my LLB and probably aim for a 2:1 or higher, I want to look past the regret and apply for my LLM to a good school.

Is it not possible for me to apply for a good school in the UK or the US.

I want to try Queen Mary, Warwick, Edinburgh, UCL, Durham all for Commercial Law. Failing which I have university of Westminster and Kent in mind.

As for US schools I have American University, Washington Law School in mind.

Commercial law has been a passion of mine and when it comes to practicing it I perform good, however I do not have the same on paper. I passed the subject of commercial law barely due to conflicting exam time tables. Should I maybe move my area of specialization to Corporate or Company law which is also an area I'm interested in and have good grades in.

I would be grateful to hear any advice or any tips or even a reality check. Other recommendations are also welcome! I am an international student so the information I have is limited, so would very much appreciate your genuine comments.

I've done a significant number of extra curriculars while in law school and have work experience pre and post LLB. Would any of this tip the scale in my favour?

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