Hello everyone!

I have been admitted to the LLM program in International Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam and the LLM in International and European Tax Law LLM at Maastricht University. Coming from a non-EU background, I really wanted to know what are the chances for a placement after completing one of these programs. The websites of these universities don't really provide any picture of the placement statistics, and from what I've observed so far one has to find a job on his/her own.

I have about 1 year of experience working in international tax law issues back in my home country, specifically in the research field. And I am really curious to know what opportunities are there either in the Netherlands or places like Luxembourg etc in the fields of international tax, transfer pricing and the likes.

It would be immensely helpful if someone could present a detailed picture of the ground scenario and what one needs to do in order to get a decent job after completion of the LLM. I am really interested in working in the EU for a few years, as I believe it would add immensely to my learning curve by working in a global setup.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thanks!