Hello. I'm a Colombian student of one of the top law schools in the capital and I'm concerned about my academic future. Basically, I want to study abroad.

I expect to graduate in a year and a half with an average grade of 4/5, which is about barely a 2:1 in the British grade system (I don't know how much that would be in the American one: 3.0, 3.2?). My main focuses are Constitutional Law and Legal Theory. I'm interested in International Public Law, too.

I have stood out in the student-run Law Review, in which I'm the current Editor-in-chief. I am also expecting to have some papers published the following years. Furthermore, I hope to join a Constitutional Law research group this semester. Still no work experience.

What are the best law schools in those topics? I am interested in applying to the following UK schools: UCL, QMUL, UoEdinburgh, LSE and KCL in no particular order.

I'm also interested in the University of Toronto (David Dyzenhaus seems an outstanding scholar) and Leiden University. I don't know if I could apply to American universities, both for academic requirements and costs although my favorite teachers have studied there.

What would you recommend me? Is it too soon to start thinking about it?

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