I'm having really hard times deciding which post-graduate course to take. I've read many discussions regarding this topic and still cannot decide, which University suits my preferences the best.

Just to give you some sneak-peak into my background"
1. I am a law-grraduate mainly focusing on International Criminal Law, Criminology and Forensic Psychology.
2. Former intern of UNODC, where I was helping with research on Human Trafficking
3. Former intern of Ministry of Foreign Affairs within I was helping with research on terrorism and Counter-terrorism.

After reading quantum of discussions, forums and reddit AMA threads I decided to narrow my options into these UNIs"

a) UNICRI's Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Transnational Crime and Justice
b) International Criminal Law (LLM) at University of Amsterdam
c) Global Criminology (MA) at University of Utrecht
d) Law (Specialism International Criminal Justice) - LLM at university of Kent
e) LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice/MSc in Global Crime, Justice and Security at University of Edingurgh

Any advices and help appreciated! Thanks.