Hello everyone,
Just to be clear, kindly note that I am not opening this discussion because I am a lazy a** who’s expecting to magicaly pass his LLM year without any efforts.
As someone who’s investing a lot of money (That I do not actually have) to head for my LLM in the Netherlands, I would like to hear from ex and current LLM students in the Netherlands whether it is possible to actually fail an LLM.
I have been admitted to Maastricht University and I am still waiting for the admission’s decision of Groningen University and Leiden University.
I have always been an average student in my country and managed to graduate with an acceptable GPA. However, I am concerned that the teaching and examination method might defer in the Netherlands, and would like to hear from you guys if you’ve heard of, or witnessed someone who has actually failed his LLM year (specifaclly Human rights and Public International Law LLMs) in the abovementioned universities.
Any advice you might have are much appreciated!
Thank you for your kind attention to my post.