Hi there, I am wondering if, withouth a first degree in law, but with the graduates degrees in law in China and the US, and continued adequate work experience in law, would qualify my application to LLM programmes in Netherland.

I am looking at the English LLM program in Leiden University and University of Amsterdam, and am aware how European law programmes, compare to US/UK, apply a stricter filter to the subject of the applicants' first degrees,ie, they almost don't accept applicants who hold a first degree other than law.

My undergraduate programme in China is more of a liberal arts nature, cooped by the school of foreign studies, law schools and others. The first degree is in English literature, but with obtained credits in law, preparing me for grad law.

I have obtained LLM degree in China and the US, and have about 5 years of working experience in firms and private equities with a focus on capital markets and M&A.

It will be appreciated if anyone who may have any insights on the question can share some info.

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