Hi all

I'm graduating this year with a high 2-1 or 1st in German and Politics from Leeds University, in the UK. I am planning to apply for law firms now, with a view to using the two years in between for further training...
I would like to do an LLM in International Business Law at Amsterdam University, where I will also be able to improve my Dutch significantly (it's similar to German and English and I speak basic Dutch). They ask that I first do a "transitionary year", which must have certain basic courses...

General Introduction to Law (15 EC)
Constitutional Law (10 EC)
International Public Law (10 EC)
European Law (10 EC)
Civil Law/ Human Rights (5 EC)
either Criminal Law or Administrative Law (10 EC)

I think this has some leeway though, particularly in regards to European Law. They also have additional courses in that and International Public Law right at the start to refresh the knowledge of those who are lacking.

Alternatively, under "academic background in law", they will accept:
* An academic level comparable with a Dutch Bachelor of laws diploma.
* For the Master's programme International and European Law (any specialisation) a basic knowledge of European law is required. If you do not possess this basic knowledge you may be admitted provided that you enrol in the introductory course European Law. This course is provided by the Law School in September. Credits earned in this courses are not included in the required 60 ECTS credits.

The question is, what makes the best thing to do with the year of law study before I head off? I have seen that I can get onto some LLM courses, e.g. at Newcastle, because I did Politics to start off with... But I am wondering, is an LLM without a LLB valid for a career in law in the UK?

Then, there is the CPE option... If I am going to do it this way, which presently looks the most likely, will it make that much of a difference where I go, considering I am planning to do the LLM at Amsterdam anyway? I am thinking of Leeds Metropolitan University for this. I have enough money to cover the further study from a small inheritance, but don't want to spend the whole lot just on education... A house, mortgage etc would be good too!

What do you guys think?

NB: I posted this in the UK group too but then considered it is perhaps better posted here... Thanks.