General questions about European BAR and LLM for non-Europeans.
I have an Israeli LLB, and will finish a year of internship at the Public Defender office soon, which grants me the option to take the Israeli BAR exam and upon success obtaining lawyer's licence.
However I want to relocate myself at least for a few years to Europe, no special preferences for the time, though my boyfriend is Swiss and might want to be back there someday.
I have been accepted to Leiden for the Advanced studies PIL program in intl crim law, because a career in human rights or something related would be a dream coming true.
But just as a backup plan. Will I be able to take the European BAR exam after graduating the LLM program? Any BAR or only the Dutch? Do I have to take it in Dutch, or maybe there is an option for English/German? Will I be able to practice law in other countries? Switzerland in particular?

Thank you so much!!!