I have a few inquiries regarding pursuing a graduate degree in Japan. I am on the verge of completing my bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Law next year, essentially a dual degree. The prospect of undertaking a graduate degree in Japan has been on my mind ever since I participated in a semester exchange at a Japanese university in 2019, an experience I thoroughly cherished.

I am contemplating three potential options (given that English is not my native language as I’m from Spain, so I’m somewhat apprehensive about my ability to excel in the GMAT or GRE exams, which in turn restricts my choices). Firstly, there is the proposition of enrolling in an MBA program at Hyogo University, primarily due to their non-exigency of GRE or GMAT scores. Secondly, I am considering the prospect of pursuing the KIMAP in Global Business Law at Kobe University. Lastly, the idea of embarking on an LL.M program at Kyushu University holds its appeal.

Given my aspirations to work in Japan post-graduation and my current proficiency at the N3 level in Japanese, language proficiency does not overly concern me. Hence, I am curious as to which of these avenues could potentially offer superior employment prospects in Japan. I am inclined to believe that the LL.M program might not unlock as many career pathways as the other two options, although it is worth acknowledging that Kyushu University boasts a more distinguished reputation...

Thank you in advance.