Hello everyone,

I am currently completing my application for beijing university. However, I still have a few points to clarify. I have already sent an email to the them, but I still hope that someone here, who has already completed the application process, can help me quicker:

Which materials do I have to send by mail? Do they need everything that I also uploaded at the applicants portal – like recommendation letters and my personal statement?
They also mention original transcripts; do they really need to be original or or can it also be certified/notarized copies?

And one last question to the applicants portal: They mention "The Guarantor in China Charging your case"; does this really have to be a person in china or can i also name a family member?

Oh, and one more question about the tsinghua university, as I am also applying there:
Am I correct that this is a purely online application and that I only have to submit documents by mail on request?

I am grateful for any help (including by PM)!!

[Edited by BeijingLLM on Mar 21, 2018]