Summer Law Programs 2020: Legal English & US Law

For those starting an LL.M. in the fall, there are many summer programs available to help get up to speed in English and US Law

This is the time of the year when LL.M. admits come rolling in. It's normal that many students—especially those coming from overseas to places like the US or the UK—have a bit of anxiety about studying a novel legal system in English. 

Fortunately, many law schools offer short summer programs, where students can work on their US Law or Legal English skills. Especially for non-native English speakers, or those who don't have a grasp of the US legal system, these summer programs can quickly help fill in the gaps. Even those who are not going to start an LL.M. in the fall might find value in a summer law program. 

These programs typically last a couple of weeks and tend to be fast-paced, covering a lot of ground very quickly. Many summer law programs are offered beginning in July, although there are some that begin as early as May.

Below you'll find a list of law schools offering summer law programs.

You can also read more about summer law programs on the LLM GUIDE article Summer Law Programs for Incoming LL.M. Students.

Summer Legal English Programs

USC Gould School of Law

Georgetown Law

Duke University

Washington College of Law - American University

Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL)

Boston University

Yale University

UC Davis School of Law

Vanderbilt Law School

Brooklyn Law School

George Washington University Law School

University of Colorado - Boulder

University of Miami School of Law

UC Berkeley

Wake Forest Law

Summer Law Programs (US Law and Other Topics)


Pitt Law

Case Western Reserve University

Penn Law

Yale University

George Washington University Law School

Boston University

Columbia Law School

Cornell University

University of Oxford

Cambridge University

UC Davis


Fordham University School of Law

Ohio State - Moritz College of Law

University of Miami School of Law

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