Upcoming 2015 Summer Law Programs in Legal English and US Law

Pre-LL.M. and other programs focusing on language skills and American law

Below is the 2015 listing of some of the summer programs available to pre-LL.M. students and foreign lawyers looking to improve their legal English and/or to study US law.

Legal English Programs


Summer Law & English Program

July 13 - August 7

Washington College of Law - American University

Summer Legal English Institute

June 22 - July 9

Duke Law

Summer Institute on Law, Language & Culture

July 20 - August 12

Boston University

Legal English for LLM Students

July 1 – August 14

Legal English for Practicioners

July 16 – August 14

UC Davis

English for Legal Professionals

June 26 - July 10

Vanderbilt University

Summer English for Legal Purposes

July 13 - August 7

University of Washington

Advanced Academic Preparation Skills (AAPS)

August 3 - August 27

Yale University

English for Law

June 29 - August 7

Edinburgh University

English for the LL.M.

August 10 – September 3

English for Lawyers

July 27 - August 7

English for Legal Studies

July 6 – July 24

Law Programs


Bucerius Summer Program in International Business Law

July 13 – July 31

Bucerius / UC Hastings Summer Program in International IP Transactions

July 13 – July 31


New York Summer Seminar for Foreign Lawyers / Law Students

July 5 – July 19

Patent Law Summer Intensive


Columbia University

Summer Program (in Amsterdam)

July 6 – July 30

UC Davis

Orientation in USA Law

July 12 - August 8


Fordham Law Summer Institute

July 6 – July 24

Summer Human Rights Institute

July 20 – July 31

International Arbitration Intensive Training Program

July 27 – July 31

Kent Law School

Kent Pre-LLM Summer Program

June 23 - 24, 2015

June 25 - 26, 2015

Penn Law

Penn Law LL.M. Summer Program

July 31- Late August

Penn State

Legal English and Common Law Practice (Summer)

July 13 – July 31

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