Top 8 LL.M. Programs for Digital Lawyers

Traditionally, law and technology courses have explored the regulation of new technologies and the questions that arise from the increasingly prominent role that science and technology play in our global economy and culture. LL.M. programs in Legal Technology explore something altogether different: the way that new technological developments influence legal service provision and the development of the law itself. 

An LL.M. in Legal Technology puts you at the cutting edge of a rapidly growing field, and can open up exciting career opportunities. Artificial intelligence and other powerful technologies are playing an increasingly important and prominent role in legal practice. 

As such, several law schools now run dedicated LL.M. programs on this subject, with others offering specializations or elective modules within their existing LL.M. degree programs in business and related subjects. Students in the best LL.M.s in Legal Technology learn how to harness the power of technology to improve legal services.

New York City, New York 31 Followers 11 Discussions

Cornell Tech’s LL.M. in Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship provides students with skills to run and support technology companies in an economy that is rapidly being digitized. The year-long course sees lawyers study side-by-side with designers, engineers and business students. Working together in teams, these students create new products and develop their own new business ideas in a start-up incubator. They also study law and transactional skills that emerging technology companies need. 

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Swansea, United Kingdom 79 Followers 123 Discussions
Swansea Law School

Swansea University in Wales, UK, runs an LL.M. in Legal Technology. Students learn about the application of technology to the law, as well as on how the law is applied to technological issues such as privacy and intellectual property law. Students learn to work with AI tools to develop their very own legal tech solutions, applying their knowledge in hands-in practical exercises. In addition, there are modules on entrepreneurship. 

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Hamburg, Germany 111 Followers 51 Discussions

The German-based Bucerius Law School recently launched an LL.M. specialization in Legal Technology for students taking the Master of Law and Business degree. It explores the future of legal services, including how law firms use technology to improve services for clients, and the use of algorithms to predict court decisions. The Legal Technology specialization includes an internship in the area of legal technology, and the writing of a  thesis focused on that topic.

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London, United Kingdom 939 Followers 904 Discussions

LL.M. students at this leading London law school can take a Legal Tech module that is taught by practitioners in legal engineering and design, combining academic rigour with practical experience using the latest legal technologies on the market. For example, students consider how AI and machine learning can be used in the legal sector to provide legal advice, risk analysis as well as contract and practice management. Students also explore the practical, legal and ethical issues that arise from the use of legal tech. 

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Vilnius, Lithuania 13 Followers 4 Discussions
Mykolas Romeris University

Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania runs the Master in Legaltech program that covers such technologies as AI, data analytics and blockchain. The program also explores cybercrime and intellectual property. A hands-on course, students on this program participate in hackathons and regional competitions, and they also have the opportunity to create their own legaltech start-up 

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Portsmouth, United Kingdom 4 Followers 11 Discussions

Portsmouth Law School of the UK launched the LL.M. in Law and LegalTech in 2020. Students have the choice to study full-time for a year, or part-time for 30 months. Students study modules on applying technology to legal services, as well as the new business opportunities being created by tech such as blockchain. Participants can choose to take electives in intellectual property, dispute resolution and employment law. 

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Londonderry, United Kingdom 6 Followers 6 Discussions

Students taking the new LL.M./MSc Law and Technology degree at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, UK, can take a week-long course called Legal Technology: Information & Informatics. In this hands-on, practical program, the students develop chatbots, learn coding skills and are exposed to issues of access to justice that arise in the digital world. Students also learn to apply data science techniques to optimize legal business processes. 

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Guildford, United Kingdom 21 Followers 19 Discussions
The University of Law

Although it's not an LL.M., the school's MSc Legal Technology program looks at the way legal tech is changing the field of law. This program is operated entirely online, and is open to law and non-law graduates. 

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