Dear LLM Guide Community,

I am seeking clarification regarding the admission policy of the LL.M. Program at UT Austin with respect to distance learning. The university's website states that the program does not accept applications from graduates of distance learning and online law programs. However, I have completed my LLB degree from the University of London External Programme, attending a recognized teaching center. I am unsure if this policy still applies to me, and I would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences from those familiar with UT Austin's admission process.

As a graduate of the University of London's LLB program, I believe it is important to note that although my degree was earned through distance learning, it was obtained through a recognized teaching center. This involved attending classes and engaging in interactive learning sessions led by qualified instructors. Given these circumstances, I am curious to know if my application would still be considered by UT Austin's LL.M. Program.

If anyone has any information or personal experiences related to this matter, I would be grateful for your guidance. Your insights will be invaluable as I navigate the application process and make an informed decision. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards