There are so many "school vs. school" threads on this board that sometimes it's difficult to put things into perspective. So I was wondering how you would rank the "most balanced" general (or traditional) LLM programs in the U.S. By "most balanced" I mean equally good overall, excluding particular considerations of specialty areas (e.g. business law, corporate, IP, international law, ADR, etc.).

In other words, where would like to go the most for a general approach to U.S. law (which could also help you better prepare for the NY bar exam)? Yale and Harvard are obvious choices. Stanford offers only specialized programs. This leaves us with Chicago, Columbia, NYU, Penn, Michigan, Berkeley and UVa from the latest U.S. News T10.

What would be your Top 5 General LLM programs out of these seven schools? Mine is:
1. Columbia
2. Chicago
3. Penn
4. NYU (Traditional LLM)
5. Michigan