Looking for some feedback from anyone that has something to contribute.

I am a full-time JAG Officer. I have been practicing for over nine years. I have six years left before I am retirement eligible. As of right now, I plan on retiring as soon as I can, and "hang my own shingle," focusing on Startup/Small Business & Nonprofit/Entrepreneurial Law for the Veteran and low-income population.

I have been contemplating acquiring a Tax LL.M for quite a while. I believe with this specialization I can really make an impact (legally), in assisting motivated entrepreneurs and innovators start a successful business. For reasons I will explain below, an added bonus to pursuing a LL.M in Tax are the many options to complete a program completely online, through distance learning.

As I have continued to research LL.M options, I have found some really great programs that focus on entrepreneurship (Duke, UT Law, ASU Law, etc.) that I would love to complete. Obviously this would be more in-line with my future plans. Sadly no schools that offer these programs have a distance learning option.

Unless my timeline and life events line up perfectly, it is unlikely I will be given the opportunity to pursue a year, full-time LL.M program prior to retiring. This summer, I will be transitioning into a two-year assignment that should allow me some time to do complete a LL.M online.

Can anyone who is in or graduated from one of these programs offer some benefits to one over the other?

Additional questions:

Are there any pros or cons to completing an Tax LL.M with the intent of using to help startup small businesses and nonprofits? To be clear, although it would be great, I not looking to get into the best tax programs (NYU and Georgetown). I am looking for a program that is convenient and will assist me in pursuing my dreams (I think Loyola Marymount my be an option).

Is it worth trying to take a year off from work to complete a Entrepreneurship LL.M, rather than a Tax LL.M?

Other than working part-time in a firm or organization that focuses on Entrepreneurship Law, is there another way to gain experience over the next five years?

Thank you