Hey all, I'm new here. I am a 3L law student at a top 25 school. My grades are around the middle of my class. Solid undergrad GPA, good LSAT (don't know if this matters). I worked for a few years in finance between undergrad and law school. I've worked in an LITC during law school and at a firm. I have an offer at a firm that I love, but they want me to go get a Tax LLM before I start.
I am applying to: NYU, GULC, U of Fl, U Miami, BU, Villanova, and maybe Northwestern.
Is it worth it for me to be applying to NYU? My top choice school would be U of Fl because it is drastically less expensive than the other schools but has an excellent program. Will I get into some of these schools? Are there any "safe bets" I should look at?
My situation is probably different than a lot of people in that I have the job but need an LLM, so employment is not really an issue.