Hi everyone!

First of all, my name is Diego and I am recent graduated at law school from Brazil.

I am really interested in taking the LL-M course in the US following a few indications I've got.
Now, my real problem is that NO ONE I know has taken or even know about the LL-m existence. So I am here to humbly ask you guys information.

What I want to do is: in 2009 go to the US to take the LL-M on IP.

So what I do not know (almost everything) is:
- Approximately when in 2009 starts the programs?
- When will application deadlines be released? When it happens, what is best for me to already have prepared and finished?
- Usually, what is required for foreign students (aside visa and TOEFL) be accepted?
- Which are the most demanding and/or difficult law schools to be admitted?
- Is there possibility for foreign LL-M to start working in the US?
- Where usually the students live? In campus, outside, how does it work usually?

I know I am asking a lot of information, but I found myself kind of lost in this "sea of information" regarding the LL-M. Actually, I am a bit confused, since I have no one to clarify thing for me.

If there is anything I might be neglecting, please feel free to add anything.

Sorry for all the trouble but I am really desperate to gather information, because as soon as I have the essentials, I will start to gather the money required.

Thank you all for your future replies.



P.S.: If there is any brave and enlightened soul out there that wants to contact me personally, my e-mail is: sirdkt@gmail.com