Hey Everyone!

Are you an planning to give the New York Bar in 2017. LLM Bar Exam is a course which is specifically designed keeping in mind, that we study in the U.S only for an year. The material is simple, succinct and easy to understand.

All these are new, and meant for the 2016-2017 NY Bar. As you know, the NY Bar has adopted the UBE system from July 2016. So these books include the UBE material , as well as the MBE Material. There are also books for MEE,and MPT, with questions and sample essay answers. Apart from all these there is a MBE practice book with about at least 100 practice questions in each of the MBE subjects.

Apart from all this, I can send you the Practice booklets, and a Kaplan MBE book, and Kaplan MPRE and LLM Bar MPRE books for free.

I'm selling the materials for $1000.(Negotiable) The products are mostly new, with only little or no markings.

Early Exposure Book 2016
MEE Practice Book 2016-2017
UBE Lesson Book 2016-2017
MPT Preparation Book 2016-2017
MBE Practice Book 2016-2017
Multistate Lesson Book 2016-2017


MPRE LLM BAR Exam 2016-2017

MPRE Kaplan 2016-2017

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