Hello, I am a law student from Thailand and I am about to graduate next year. I have a concern about my specialization as I am interested in both Tax law and Arbitration. My GPA is around B but my school ranks among the top tier in my country. However, I am still considered as an average among others in my class. I got a D for 3 subjects relating to transactions and capital markets. I am aware of those results would affect the LL.M.'s admission. Besides my grade, I have a moot court's experience and internship at a magical firm. My interested country is the United States. I would like to ask these questions:
1. Will GPA be an important factor in admission?
2. If I already hold one LL.M. at Top 30 Schools in the states, will they focus more on my post-graduate?
3.1. will it enhance the chance of getting admitted to top schools ( U of Chicago, Northwestern, Cornell, UCLA, Georgetown)?
3. Do I have to provide a letter to explain my past subjects to the admission office that why did i get D?
4. What should I choose between Tax and Arbitration regarding the employment rate in the USA?

Thank you for your help !