Hello everybody, I am from India, and am contemplating application to some US Law schools for a JD .
My main concern is that I have an extremely low 54% in my Bachelors ( History) from Calcutta University. Despite my efforts I ended up with a paltry 3rd division in my first two years. In my final year though, I improved my grades a lot - bringing it to about 54%.
I have heard that in USA Indian lower second class will be regarded as C in that case my first 2 years will be a D.
I fear that my LSDAS/LSAC GPA when recalculated might be less than a 2.0 .
In that case, how far will a great LSAT score save me - if I am aiming T2 ( 50-100) schools?
Please help. I am feeling extremely down at this point.
If anyone from India has had gone through LSAC/LSDAS evaluation - can I pm you and speak about my grades in my transcript in details? If it indeed emerges that LSAC/LSDAS GPA is coming below 2.0, it might spare me due wastage of time and money in applying.