Hi all,
I have an academic interest in legal and political theory and would like to further my studies in this area.

Developing an academic career in the future is an option but for the moment I'm just looking for the experience of living a year (or more) abroad (preferably NYC/California/London) and studying what I love.

For undergrad I went to Hebrew U (Israel), I had a good GPA so I was offered to take LL.M. courses before I finished my LL.B. Long story short, I completed a LL.B. and will receive a LL.M. in public and international law soon (both Hebrew U).

Is it worth pursuing another degree in the US/UK in a good university just for the heck of it? There is absolutely no way I can afford tuition. The admission will have to include a full waiver and probably a stipend/work arrangement for me to consider it. I am no prodigy (top ~15%-20% maybe. Didn't get on any awards or a clerkship for a supreme court judge) but legal theory is my niche and I do have some good credentials (teaching assistant, research assistant, law review board, etc).

What are my chances? Is it even worth it as this has no career advantages for me at the moment? As for right now, I'm starting the year of internship necessary in order to take the bar exam, in a medium sized law firm.
(I also have US citizenship though I'm no resident).