My biggest factor in selecting a Tax LLM program is money at the moment. I'm currently a 3L with a 3.69 (god willing I can keep this after grades this semester). I have taken four tax classes (receiving an A in all, CALI in one) and am in the tax clinic and a two credit tax class at my school at the moment (no idea grades in these).

So far, I have received a full-tuition scholarship at UF with their Tax Review. I have received acceptances to GT and Northwestern and am waiting to hear from NYU.

I have a few questions at this point:

(1) what is the likelihood of getting into NYU at this point, and when should I hear if so? I applied at the end of October.

(2) what is the likelihood that either GT or NYU will give me scholarship money?

I would ideally like to receive mostly-full rides at either GT or NYU. My current decision is UF unless GT or NYU can offer me competitive scholarships. I am already 100K in debt and want to go to get an LLM cheaply. Job placement is not an issue, since I have a deferred Midwest firm offer after my LLM.

Would love your thoughts!