Hi everyone,

I am an environmental lawyer from India. I have got admission offer from GWU Law school as well as Vermont Law School (VLS) to pursue my LL.M. for the academic year 2012-13.
Incidentally, both the law schools have granted full-tuition waiver to me because of my past experience in the field.
Now i am unable to decide which law school would be better to study for an year and give me enough international exposure as well as placement opportunities after the completion of my masters. US News ranking states VLS holds rank#2 in environmental law while GWU holds rank#18. However, the general opinion is to join GWU.

To add to the confusion, I have received external funding with a condition to study in VLS so LLM from VLS would be almost free. Funding is an important factor however, i want to make a smart decision in terms of better opportunities to get placed after LL.M.
Please advise! i need some rationale to leave external funding and VLS brand in Environmental Law if GWU is the place to be.

thank you