I like how every post in support of NYU when it is compared to CLS in this board is either written by (i) an NYU student; (ii) a former NYU student, (iii) a poster whose posting in defence of the institution represents his/her 1st posting, and hence, likely to fall within category (i) or (ii). Otherwise, they happen to be people who refuse to answer the question of whether they are NYU students when challenged [One example is mnementh attacking remy previously]. I am guilty of that too no doubt since this is only my 3rd posting but it is clear that most of the people who say CLS is better happen to be independent observers. Most of them aren't even students there. Go figure.

i didn't attack anybody.. it was the other way around. Actually I think that since it's your third post, it's pretty significant. For some reason, most CLS supporters are newbies... (perhaps except the above user). CLS supporters have a sort of inferiority complex sometimes. This is because nobody attacks CLS but they seem to want to attack NYU, it's what we're seeing in the forum. If you live in NYC you'd know this. It's because many professors from CLS moved to NYU in the recent years, so there's a friendly rivalry here.

You have of course no way of knowing that there are NYU students here and non CLS students supporting their views. That's a ridiculous assumption, which is obviously not true, and at least has no evidence to support itself.

The argument about CLS v. NYU is also not very interesting. In the U.S itself there's no difference between the two, none. IMO, NYU wins it by a bit (Wachtell Lipton being one important reason). Abroad, maybe it's country by country and each user from his country can say what he believes. As for the LLM programs, both are big. Both are selective. NYU LLM without americans is around 200 too. So there's a misconception here but it's mostly a misconception by some users in this board only...

Both are great institutions , that's all there's to it really.