Hello everybody, I am very new here, but while doing research I found this forum really helpful. I hope some of you will try to help. I know its every lawyers dream to study in HLS and thus it is hardest to get in, so I want to know if I am competitive to apply for Harvard LLM.

I am 23 years old and graduated Caucasus University Law School (REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA) last year with GPA 3.63, class rank 2nd (out of 30). I was enrolled in university with full government funding (for public university price) and was awarded by university to study for free. I was also awarded for student exchange program in Tallinn University of Technology Law School.

I worked in private sector for year and a half and now I work in National Bank of Georgia already six month. I have been member of most prestigious educational NGO Tbilisi School of Political Study which is a part of Council of Europe Political Schools system.  I have published two reserch papers in Law reviews and I am a published author of two books of poetry.

 Now you have information about me, so can you please tell me if I have a slight chance to get in HLS or am I just dreaming. My alternatives are Stanford (what an ambition, right?) and UCLA.

 Please help out