I've searched the forum and I wasn't able to find an answer to this one.

So I am an EU student with a first class degree and the following academic year (2016-17) I will be in a Maritime Law LLM in my country.

I'll apply to Cambridge and Oxford this winter for their postgraduate programmes of 2017-18.

Since Oxbridge does not offer maritime law courses, will having completed a Maritime Law LLM instead of a Corporate Law LLM (for example) hurt my chances for admission?

In others words, is it viewed negatively when you have completed an LLM in a field of law that these Universities don't cover?

I would suppose that since an LLM is not required in order to apply, having already an LLM in a field of law they don't teach won't hurt. But will having an LLM in Corporate Law or Civil Law for example increase my chances instead of a having completed a Maritime Law LLM? Thank you!