I am trying to decide what law course I should choose to be able to practice law in the UK and hopefully gain a training contract from an international law firm.

I have a Accounting and Finance degree from Curtin University in Australia (ranked around 300 in the world). I had a rocky start with this degree in my first year but have ended with a 3.5GPA then stayed on another year to complete my research honors and I believe I am on track to graduate with first class honors for my thesis or atleast a 2.1. I am starting to consider my options for next year. I am considering

1) Oxford or cambridge senior status (2 years)
2) Queen Mary senior status or SOAS senior status
3) Birbeck LLM qualifing masters.
3) Oxford masters in law and finance (then trying to get a trainging contract afterwards.

I have two children and manage my own buisness from home with my husband so the Birbeck is appealing with the night classes. I did a year abroad in hong kong during my first degree and am considering picking up chinese and having more global job prospects which makes me consider SOAS. As for oxbridge Senior status or masters Im not sure I am even a candidate. My bachelor degree and honors was done off and on over 6 years around the kids and the buisness plus my first 5 units out of 24 were two passes and 3 credits followed by high distinctions for the rest of my degree.

I am looking for opinions of the quality of the schools and job prospects after as well if I am even a good candidate.