I applied to LSE early (in December). Perhaps why my conditional offer is premised on a first class degree is due to the institution where I studied, which I would prefer not to name.

You are entirely correct to point out that KCL and LSE have strengths in different areas and are both quality institutions. I was simply verifying the comment made immediately above to my initial entry that LSE has higher application requirements from my own personal experience. Whether there is any point of substance and merit to draw from my contribution is a matter of debate but if this thread seeks to discuss the differences between the major London LLM's then application standards must be discussed. Of course, if one is contemplating studying courses at KCL that are not offered at LSE and vice versa, then there is no point in making comparisons. However, if one is contemplating studying the same subjects at both institutions then a comparison is certainly warranted. Moreover, if there is a difference in application standards it must be asked why that is so. Is the answer to this question (assuming it to be in the affirmative) reflected in the additional fees charged by LSE? Is one paying for better teaching, resources and facilities? Is LSE better respected in the workplace? Is there no difference whatsover and my speculation and observations are unfounded and misguided?

I appreciate your response as it may be valuable in helping me make an important decision for my education. I must stress that I am only drawing what I consider to be reasonable inferences of fact from my own experience which is consistent with conclusions published by independent observers.

Your input is appreciated,