Greetings to you all,

I have a few questions regarding diversion into Law and the pathway to Corporate and Financial Law.

I am currently in my 3rd year studying History and I quite enjoy it, alas all the reachable careers afterwards come a bit stale for me at this age of my life.

After some serious consideration, I decided to go for Law. My decision was invoked by the fact my stepfather is a solicitor and I grew around him, getting to know the profession and its impact on society. I like the aspect of justice and discipline in addition to that, I suppose provoked by the corrupt and lawless country that I grew up in.
I added my twist to it and decided to opt for Corporate and Financial Law due to my interest in the intrinsic financial layer of society.

Before I list my questions, I kindly ask you to go easy on me, I'm a beginner in the technicalities of it all.

1. After researching into C&F Law Masters degrees I found out that a Law degree is not essential to be considered, however they need 50% of the credits into a Law subject (I presume this is a joint honours?). Could someone advise on what is an adequate substitute for this and what do admission office might look for?

2. In order to work in C&F Law I'm pretty sure myself I need a Masters degree in the field. Does this mean I need to undergo GDL or LPC first and then do the Masters?

3. I'm interested in internships/work placements/experience in an environment that will gauge my employability in C&F later on. Should I consider financial institutions or law firms? Any suggestions are welcome.

4. Realistically, what are the chances of a firm/company funding my Masters/courses in Law if I'm not studying Law. Also, where can one obtain funding for these individually?

Any information regarding this will be highly appreciated !

Kind regards,