I am a tenured professor in the US with a J.D. degree and was interested in obtaining an LLM in sports law to further enhance my professional credentials.  The LLM program at DeMontfort Law School, and administered by Informa, seemed perfect for me as they offered an online option.  After placing numerous phone calls and sending confirmatory E-mails to make sure that none of my conversations were misunderstood, I applied to the program.  I subsequently received an E-mail, which was originally sent to the wrong E-mail address, informing me that some of the information I had been provided was incorrect.  This E-mail came from an individual who I had copied on my confirmatory E-mail 8 months earlier, and who was now saying that information was wrong.  Also, after intially expressing interest in forming a relationship with me to help me defray the expense of my LLM program, DeMontfort Law was totally unresponsive to my phone calls or E-mails, but they made sure to make mention that I needed to pay my tuition when they told me I would be accepted into the program.  As an educator and a sports industry professional, I strongly encourage those thinking of applying to this program to steer clear of it.