Hi guys, hope all of you are doing well.

So I am planning to apply for UPenn, Stanford, and Berkeley next year. I understand that such universities require a minimum of 100 in the TOEFL (UPenn requiring 23 for each section while Stanford and Berkeley does not require specific subsection score). I have taken two TOEFL tests and the results are as follows:

Test 1:

R: 24

L: 27

S: 27

W: 27

TOTAL: 105

Test 2:

R: 25

L: 29

S: 24 (I bottled the Speaking section tbh)

W: 28

TOTAL: 106

Just by looking at the total scores, I personally would submit Test 2 to LSAC, but personally I am not happy with my Speaking score compared to my first test.

I am just curious on whether universities see these things in detail?

Can you guys please advise on which score to submit? It is not possible for me to retake a TOEFL in this matter.

Many thanks!

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