The title state well what is the meaning of this topic, nut I'll explain why I ask such a ranking.

I'm a student from Toulouse (France) and I seek to get a Master in International Public Law.

I now that I could go to Paris-Sorbonne or Parris-Assas, however, since I want to study International Law, I think that a master degree in another country would be great (understand, a country were speaking English is enough to get a job during the semesters and one where the population don't speak French). It should be noted that the tuition fees of universities such as NYU are far above my possibilities ($26,600.00, to tell the truth).

So far, I've found two Universities who would allow me to achieve my goal : the Helsinki Faculty of Law (if I'm not mistaken when i read their website; if I am, please, correct me !), and the Oslo Faculty of Law.

But I would know the ranking of universities proposing the master degree in International Public Law, if possible in Europe (continental or not), Canada or Oceania.

Thanks in advance for your answers.