After a successful completion of my LLM from NYU, at the moment I am on the lookout for PhD/SJD programs in the US, UK, EU and Canada. My main focus is on a programs that are fully funded and pay a stipend. I come from East Asia, so it is not possible for me to pay the exorbitant fees that colleges like LSE are asking. I do plan to speak to NYU about their SJD program, but my GPA is 3.3 and I do not know how willing they will be to take me on, since the minimum requirement they ask for is 3.5. But, regardless of it all, I am super interested and really want to pursue this, any insights that can be provided will be great. I did give private practice a go for almost 5 years, but I can truly say that it is not the direction I want to take. Any insights, especially websites and colleges I should be focusing would be greatly appreciated.