Hello, first of all excuse my bad english but its not my language..
this is meshaal from jordan i have graduated from law bachelors a month ago with the grade of 3.4/4.. and i am planing on getting my llm but i dont know the right type of llm for me so ill tell you about my self hoping you would know whats the best llm for me

Since i was young i was always into technology.. at the age of 14 i got my email hacked and in 3 months i learned basics of hacking and there was a major worm hole in hotmail at that time and i got my email back .. and from there on i wanted to know everything about programing web designing hacking and i learend alot and progressed very fast and even bulit my self a website from scratch within a year .. later on i got busy with life and the fact that i was not able to study software engineering which was my dream but because my parent's wanted me to become a lawyer i stoped being into technolgy just to ease up the pain of not studying software engineering

Now after i gradutade from law school im planing on studying something that has both of technology and law at the same time as technology is booming and everyone needs a lawyer so i decided to do something that sums up both law and technology i know internet of things llm will be something REALLY big in the future but its to risky to study it but so far its the llm that got my attantion the most

I saw some other examples of llm but nothing got my attantion i saw for example cyber crimes llm .... cyber privecy and policy llm .. telecommunications llm ...

Please if you have an idia of what llm would suit me best share your thoughts .. and sorry for the very long post.. reagards,