I have read other similar posts, but my situation is a bit different, so I would really appreciate your take on this. I am deeply passionate about human rights in general and LGBT rights specifically and I understand the intricacies of the issue being gay and would really like to help fight for the cause in India where it is illegal.

I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my final semester of law school and due to my undiagnosed condition prior to that, my grades really suffered. I have done numerous internships in law school in the human rights field and have worked in a prestigious human rights NGO in India working with grass root problems for about 7 or 8 months. I would like to pursue an LLM that has LGBT rights in its curriculum. I am sure that I can write an amazing SOP and get good LoRs. Also, there was only one person in my law school who got a first class. I am somewhere in the top 20-40% of the class in spite of getting a low 2:2. It is extremely hard to score in this university.

1. What LLM programs have good LGBT rights modules in them? I know that LSE and Leiden University do but I'm not sure about what my chances with regard to getting into them would be considering by low grades. Do I have a chance? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

2. Generally speaking, what are my chances of getting into an LLM program considering my grades? Do I have a chance of getting into a decent program?

3. Do I have a chance of getting a scholarship?

4. Should I mention the bipolar as a reason to explain the low grades in my SOP? I was thinking of maybe explaining how having it has changed my word view and made me understand discrimination better too.

Any response would be deeply appreciated!

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