Hi everyone,
I have lived in Puerto Rico my whole life and I am fully bilingual. I have a bachelor's in business administration/accounting and I am licensed CPA. I'm 29 and I think its time for a career change to pursue something that I'm truly passionate about. I want to study law, focused on environmental and animal law and then pursue an LLM in the same.
Studying law in PR is much cheaper than in the US but I would like to have the opportunity to practice law in PR AND in the states if I can. I know for the LLM I will have the do in the states due to the specialization for it all but do you recommend studying here in the island or studying in the states? Will I be able to pass the bar in any state and practice in any state with the education provided to me in the schools in PR? I know there are differences between the law in PR and law in the states.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.