i have completed my graduation in law a year back and want to take up my LLM course from reputed law schools. there is a bit of confusion, which i want to sort out with suggestions and good advices. please, help/answer to this post if you can.

brief background:
I have passed out law from Symbiosis Law School, India. I want to pursue my LLM studies in Maritime Laws. TheI objective of my career is to practice in the courts of India as I am doing currently.(Please, suggest on this if it would be useless to pursue Maritme Law on the mentioned factor.) Further, after my LLM I have lesser interest in joining any law firm unless and until a very good deal is out there.
Last but not the least, I have not so great grades in my law school career, which is just above and around 60%+. (whether good grades are key to good law schools or not; suggestions!!)
I have International Maritime Law Institute, Malta in my list as the first preference for Maritime law. (suggest whatever you feel on this front, whether IMLI is a good consideration/whether would be difficult to get thru/ whether any other university wud offer better deals)

looking forward to the replies