I am from a Latin America country. I was in the best University in my country, Its one of the best in Latin America. However, I had below average grade in good terms. They were actually terrible grades its a round D average in my Undergrad. I had a lot of personal problems that affected my performance during my undergrad. I has even suspended for academic reasons twice.(I was diagnosed with adult ADHD) After a while I was able to finish. With my last 3 semesters having really good grades. After, my graduation I started to work in a small but respectable firm in the capital. I found a passion for my profession and became a very good lawyer, litigating in most spears of private and corporate law. Furthermore, I began a post graduate degree in Public law,(at another top University in my country) I was able to get a B average, this was due a traffic accident i was involved in, that left me bedside for months. Regrettably a couple of teachers failed me even though I was in the hospital. I managed to finish it in June and graduate in September. Also, is important to mention, in August I started another postgraduate degree in Business law.

My third Letter of recommendation comes from my last undergrad teacher. He directed my Graduation paper witch was given honors and published. The only good thing I have to show in that period of my life. He is one of the most respected man in the world on the subjected of my grad paper.

Finally I have a decent TOEFL of 105 with all of the subjects over 25.

My question is, I want go to a top tier LLM, I know my flaws and I know that my undergrad is a giant hole in my past. I am thinking of applying to many LLM programs
(this the list):
UPENN, Colombia, Cornell, NYU, U Chicago, Northwestern, Stanford, UCLA, Berkley, Harvard, BC,BU, OSU, USC, Duke, UVA, Georgetown, Cornell, U Toronto.

According to the experiences in this forum, have any of this university ever accepted a Good professional with a very bad academic history, but a very good present?

Do I have a chance on any?

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