Hello everyone,

I'm a Moroccan 3rd Officer as of now, but I've been thinking of continuing my studies and add another degree to my resume, as I want to settle down into a shore-based job. With only my Officer's bachelor degree, I don't have many job opportunities. Maritime Law looks like something I can do, since I've experienced the industry and I've already have a basis on which to build on in this master's program. However, as someone who doesn't have a Law Bachelor degree, I find the jobs prospects with this master's foggy. What are the jobs prospects for someone with a Maritime Law master's degree and seagoing experience as a 3rd officer? What are some excellent master's programs for Maritime Law, such as Swansea, Southampton, and Barcelona? What are my chances to get into them?

Note: I've 3 years sea experience, and I've graduated with 15.15/20, with our grading system in Morocco.

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