Hi, does anyone know what is the selection criteria of UvA's Law and Finance program? The selection criteria seems rigid (50% acceptance rate), and I noticed that only 10% of the total 60 students are from non-EU countries. That means only 6 students from non-EU countries can be accepted to this program. But I am not sure if there is a quota for non-EU countries students per year, i.e. 1 student for 1 non-EU country. I highly suspect there is one.

I plan to land a job in the Netherlands after the LLM program so I pay more attention to the employment prospect of the LLM program. I did some research at LinkedIn and it seems that most graduates of this program found decent jobs. But I'm not sure if the situation is different for international students, especially non-EU students. I heard that UvA is very harsh on students' internship approval. Is that true?

 I earned my LLB in China and LLM in the US and passed China and New York bar. I have been working for five years since I finished my US LLM program. My working experience is mostly associated with multinational companies as in-house counsel in China. Not sure if my working experience in China can help me find a good job in the Netherlands. Is there any other program more suitable for me? Maybe VU Amsterdam is a better choice?

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