Hey guys,

I'm a german lawstudent and will graduate in February. I plan to apply for the UNICRI LLM 2020/2021 and have some questions to those who got accepted and would be really happy if a few of you could answer my questions.

1) What are the main criteria (i know, on the website it says the selection process is based on academic background/ professional experience/ professional training received/ motivation letter) in your opinion? Do I have a chance to be accepted without working experience? How good are the grades/ is the academic background of those who got accepted?

2) How does the distance-learning phase work? What kind of exams need to be passed in this phase?

3) How many of you (approximately) got offered a scholarship/ fee examption and on which criteria is this decision based?

4) Is there really no kind of "thesis" in the end of the LLM programm (the website only says, there will be a moot court)?

5) How good are the final grades?

Thanks a lot for your time!