Dear all,

has anyone taken part in a LLM at Sorbonne or Assas? I would like to hear from people who have studied there with regard to the LLM's quality, reputation and possibility to pick your own courses. I did my undergrad in Germany, so taking modules on the basics of European Law isn't what I'm looking for.
The Assas LLM in French costs about 2000 Euros a year, at Sorbonne it costs 12000 Euros.

And has anyone taken part a LLM at these universities in English? Do the professors there speak good English? How are those courses compared to the French language programs at Sorbonne/Assas and to other European LLM in English, such as Dutch universities?

I have read many threads here criticizing French LLM's since they aren't recognized as Master 1 or 2. For me, that would be irrelevant since I don't want to pursue an academic career or work in France afterwards. I would be particularly interested in the perspective of German law firms.

Many Thanks