Hello, I am currently a student in a non-EU university and I am interested in pursuing a career in academia in competition law. These are the following colleges of interest I've come across:

- King's College London (Master of Laws LLM)
- London School of Economics (Master of Laws LLM)
- University College London (Competition Law LLM)
- Queen Mary University (Competition Law LLM)
- University of Leeds (International Corporate Law LLM)
- Brussels School of Competition (Competition Law LLM)
- College of Europe (Masters of European Law LLM)
- Freie University of Berlin (MBL-FU)
- Tilburg University (International Business Law LLM)
- University of Newcastle (Master of Laws LLM)
- University of Oxford (BCL/MJur)

1. Which of these colleges is best for an academia-oriented person? I've heard that BSC and CoE are primarily for people interested in working, but there isn't much I've come across which of these are best for academia aside from general information about prestige/quality. Which of these would you consider?

2. What are the chances of getting scholarships for the above programs? Ideally, I would like something that has an achievable scholarship but also enables a future of academia. For reference, I study in a top 5 university in India, am likely to graduate in the top 5 or at least top 10 percentile of my batch, and have decent extra-curriculars (publications, moots, debates). I also plan to apply without any work experience after college - does this significantly affect my chances of an LLM? Should I aim for a year or two of work experience or will my chances of entry not reduce that substantially?

3. What are some other colleges I can consider that have strong competition law in their LLM programs or for further studies? I am also interested in working in academia in the UK/Europe and not return my home country, so brownie points for countries where it is easier to work afterward.

4. Which of the above courses are bilingual? I have heard that Liege is bilingual, but do not have solid information on it. I do not know French, so there is no shot I can do these.

I am interested in academia long-term, but I do not working in other places like law firms. I know this is a lot of information, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you!