MBL facts

Tuition 9,500 EUR

Duration 12 mths

Intakes October

Int'l Students 100%

Women 66%

Minimum TOEFL 42

Minimum IELTS 4.5

Class Size 32


Freie Universität (FU) Berlin - Institute for German and European Business, Competition and Regulatory Law

Department of Law
Boltzmannstraße 3

14195 Berlin


School Website

FU Berlin - Full Profile

The University

Truth, Justice, Freedom

Truth, Justice, Freedom

The founding motto of the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) - "Truth, Justice, Freedom"- has shaped its history since 1948. With more than 41,000 students from 140 countries enrolled in over 100 academic programs of study, the FU Berlin is the largest university in Germany's capital, and one of the largest in the nation. FU Berlin maintains international offices, e.g. in New York, Beijing, São Paulo and Moscow. Owing to its internationally recognized achievements in both teaching and research, the FU exerts a strong attraction on students from Germany and beyond. The university's research activities in the Humanities and in the Social and Natural Sciences are distinguished by their international orientation, as well as by the interdisciplinary and collaborative character of work carried out by a number of research networks: the FU Berlin's twelve Collaborative Research Centres, eight Research Training Centres, six DFG Research Units and the participation in a DFG Research Centre are ample evidence of this.

The Law School

The law faculty

The law faculty

The Law Department is one of the most renowned faculties of the university, boasting Germany's largest law library and a number of significant institutes. Prominent former scholars of the faculty include the former German president Roman Herzog, three Presidents of the Federal Constitutional Court, three Judges in the Constitutional Court for the state of Berlin, one president of the High Court Berlin and many advisers at the Supreme Court. The main campus of the Law Department is located in the Dahlem district of the borough Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

The Program

Since 2010 the Master of Business, Competition and Regulatory law has attracted students and leading scholars from all over the world to participate in this prestigious programme with a unique blend of Competition Law, International Contract and Trade Law, and Regulatory Law. The first half of the programme focusses on Business Law and the principles of Economics while the second half deepens the knowledge on Competition Law and Regulatory Law. The programme's forward-looking approach combines, classical lectures, seminars with a strong student participation and e-learning resources to provide a complete and individual learning experience.

Entry Requirements

  • A University degree of at least four years, preferably from legal studies
  • Post graduation work experience of no less than a year, preferably in the relevant fiels
  • Proof of English language proficiency at the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Application Procedure

The application deadline is the 31st of May.
Further information about the application can be requested from the official website

Tuition and Fees

The tuition fees are 9.500 EUR for the whole academic year for both, EU and non-EU students.

Financial Aid

Numerous scholarships can be obtained via the German Academic Exchange Service and private organisations. A good overview can be found here


Potsdam Square in Berlin

Potsdam Square in Berlin

Berlin is the largest city in Germany and its capital. At the geographical centre of a growing Europe, Berlin is the gateway between East and West. The Federal Chancellery and Parliament are literally only minutes away from a number of global corporate headquarters and trade associations. Berlin's cultural programme is extremely rich. Berlin has three opera houses, over 150 theatres and playhouses, over 170 museums and collections and over 200 private galleries. In addition, the capital is host to numerous top acts, artists and bands - every day nearly 1.500 events are on Berlin's cultural calendar. The city is host to the international film festival Berlinale and the Art Forum annual international art fair. Berlin also offers one of the most diverse and vibrant nightlife scenes in Europe. Most Berliners take great pride in their city's reputation as one of the most socially progressive cities on the continent.


Most student halls in Berlin are run by the Student Union ("Studentenwerk") and are located in all parts of the city. Many students share a flat together ("Wohngemeinschaft" or "WG") to make accommodation cheaper and to get to know other students from different programmes and with different backgrounds. Despite its rising popularity, accommodation in Berlin is still cheaper than in most major German cities and European capitals. Affordable accommodation can also be found for student with special needs or families. Every borough of Berlin has its distinctive character, from upmarket boroughs with infinite shopping and entertainment possibilities, to alternative boroughs with great diversity among the residents, restaurants and shops.

Student Life

Berlin was rated as the 6th best student city in the world by QS incuding highrankings in desirability and student experience!

News from FU Berlin

School News Apr 27, 2017

Alumni tells his inspiring story how he came to Berlin from Damascus! >more

Programs at FU Berlin


12 months
  • Blended classroom and e-learning.
2. LL.M. in German and European Business Law
7,994 EUR
German,  Russian
12 months
  • This program is no longer offered.
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