Qualification type: LLM or equivalent award

Location: Canada/France/Spain

Funding for: Postgraduate law students, trainee or qualified solicitors

Funding Amount: up to £28,000

Hours: Full Time

The H M Hubbard Law Scholarship awards up to £28,000 to postgraduate law students, trainee or qualified solicitors, to study law in Canada, France or Spain. The scholarship covers fees, living expenses and travel expenses.

Applications for the 2019/20 academic year are now open. Those looking to apply should visit: www.hubbardlawscholarship.com.

About the Scholarship and the Benefactor

The H M Hubbard Law Scholarship was created by Henry Malcolm Hubbard. Henry Malcolm Hubbard was a solicitor in London with substantial business interests in Canada, Spain and Latin America. He wanted to encourage solicitors in England and Wales to study some aspect of the law in Canada, France or Spain so he included the terms of scholarship in his will.

Henry Malcolm Hubbard died in 1946. The H M Hubbard Law Scholarship was started in December 1960. Since then, the scholarship has been awarded annually to solicitors who went on to study in Canada, France or Spain. The most famous recipient of the scholarship is Walter Merricks, who is now Chair of IMPRESS and the law reform charity JUSTICE.

Application Criteria

To be considered for the H M Hubbard Law Scholarship you must meet the following criteria.

Academic criteria

You must be either a qualified or practicing solicitor in England or Wales, or have completed the academic stage of qualification as a solicitor in England or Wales, through having obtained one of the following:

An Undergraduate Degree in Law from a UK university (at least Class 2(ii)),
A Graduate’s Diploma in Law (GDL); or
A Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice
Those currently in the final year of study for one of the above qualifications can apply and any grant awarded will be conditional on their completing such qualification in 2019.

Course of Study

You must intend to study in Canada, France or Spain during the term of your award. The course must cover the law or legal processes of the country in question (this can be the law of the European Union in France or Spain). Scholarships will only be granted for courses which are:

Post-graduate level
Taken at a leading university in the country concerned; and
Lead to a formal qualification, such as a LLM or equivalent
You will be expected to identify the course you wish to study on your application form.

You must also demonstrate to the trustees’ that you intend to pursue a career as a solicitor of the senior courts of England and Wales.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete an online application form: https://www.hubbardlawscholarship.com/apply-now/

The closing date for applications for the 2019/20 academic year is 30th November 2018.

Application form help and requirements can be found here: https://www.hubbardlawscholarship.com/study-international-law-applications/


Applications will be assessed against the criteria by the trustees. Successful applicants will be invited for interview. Interviews will take place in London on 14th December 2018. Please keep this date free if you apply.

For more information please visit: www.hubbardlawscholarship.com