Hi everyone!

I am planning my following years of study abroad. Currently, my alma mater is the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague. I certainly want to go abroad for the Erasmus+ exchange and later the LL.M. program, which is the main point.

Since our study is not divided into two parts (bachelor (3 years) and master degree (2 years)) but merged into one five-year master program, we are allowed to take 24 months of Erasmus+ at a foreign university. Firstly I had planned to go on 2 Erasmuses+ (each for one academic year) at 2 universities, thanks to our 24-month possibility, in the last two years of my study in Prague, but then I have realised it would have been more worth taking one Erasmus+ and complete my degree in Prague, and after that to apply for an LL.M. program.

My main interest in studying law lies in the European law field, not least because I would like to work in European Institutions in Brussels (probably in Commission) one day. Holy Trinity of universities I am considering consists of the University of Uppsala (since my closest family lives in Sweden, and I have thought it would be great to have a bond and a connection to it though), the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Leiden as two prominent and prestigious universities well-known for European Law courses.

Since I find Leiden LL.M. program - European Law - the most accurate for me, regarded on courses, professors and financial matters as well, I wonder if it would be better to go on Erasmus+
to 1) the University of Uppsala - to experience the different academic environment and receive a detachment from European affairs, or
to 2) the Catholic University of Leuven - to observe the different style of learning of European Law still from one of the best Law Faculty in Europe and have various experience from more academic environments, or
to 3) the Leiden University - to get to know their professors, make connections with other students or with the staff and, perhaps, receive a letter of recommendation for future application for the LL.M. program in Leiden.

What do think of these three scenarios, which one do you consider the best? Do you think making connections on Erasmus+ in Leiden will give me more chances and make me more favourable during admission to LL.M., or studying and even networking at several universities (in Leuven during Erasmus+ and in Leiden during LL.M.) is much more valuable pro futuro?

I hope I haven't been chaotic evil, but at least true neutral, or rather lawful good.