Hello everyone,

I'm looking forward to do a LLM in IT law in Europe next year (beginning Jan or Sept 19). I'm pretty much interested in subjects surronding LegalTech in general (AI, blockchain, data privacy).

I'm looking for feedback concerning theses programs (and if possibl, comparison) :
- LSE, LL.M. Information Technology, Media and Communications Law
- Leiden University, Law and Digital Technologies (Advanced LL.M.)
- Edinburgh University, LL.M. in Innovation, Technology and the Law
- Tılburg University, LL.M Law and Technology
- Swansea University, LLM in LegalTech (this one is a brand new program looking very nice but what to think of this University?)

Does anyone has done/heard about one of these? What can be the differences behin what you find on their websites?

Thank you VERY MUCH for your time!


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