Take it from someone who earned a JD degree from City U, if you are from a western country you had better think twice about studying here.

I am happy to answer any questions that anyone might have about the quality and method of instruction at City U. For starters, several years ago, the School of Law allowed the students to determine how coursework is evaluated. This had resulted and still remains the case, that students waster their time preparing for a PPT presentations in class (generally worth 20%) and a research paper (worth 20%), leaving little time to study for the exam (worth 50%).
The Socratic method has never been part of the teaching methodology at City U. The local Hong Kong students are very familiar with the method of lecturing from PPT, attending tutorials, and memorizing as much material as one can for an exam. Forget about having any time to truly comprehend the material. In the entire three years, not one course required a casebook as either a required or optional textbook.
I frankly have only one positive point about City U. There are several remarkable scholars on the staff. However, they as forced to follow the pedagogical method of lectures, tutorials, and painfully grading essays.
Do not waste your time and money at City U. If you want to study in Hong Kong, choose Hong Kong U or Chinese U.